No words can emphasize the near-miracle of this occurrence.

This story was submitted anonymously by a patient of Dr. Kahren Aydinyan.

For the past 25+ years, my husband has had a distrust and cynicism regarding medical providers and the modern health community. Because of this distrust, it has led him to only receive medical care when ‘necessary’ and that term had become very subjective and relative to him!

For years my husband has suffered from sinus and deviated septum issues which have caused him many infections and a life of debilitating headaches.

As our family’s proponent of a healthy, pain-free lifestyle and having worked professionally with Dr. Aydinyan, I assured my husband that he would find him to be a refreshing face in the perceived sea of uncaring Big Pharma medical professionals.

Fortunately for all, my husband made (and kept) an appointment with Dr. Aydinyan.

From that initial appointment, my husband has since entrusted Dr. Aydinyan to recently perform an extensive septum, sinus and bone spur repair surgery. No words can emphasize the near-miracle of this occurrence in my mind. And it is entirely due to Dr. Kahren Aydinyan.

I have always known and believed in Dr. Aydinyan’s professional and surgical expertise, but now, more importantly, Dr. Aydinyan’s unwavering positivity and kind demeanor have exceeded even MY expectations in caring for not only my husband, but my own questions, concerns and calls. Yes, calls. Dr. Aydinyan provided his cell phone to us post-operatively and even though at the time I thought “I would never call him”, I ended up needing to call him when there were some unexpected post-operative questions for us. Not only did Dr. Aydinyan take my call and respond warmly, positively and in a reassuring comforting manner, he also texted me with a “Keep your spirits High!” text. It meant the world to us to know that our surgeon cared about us as whole people.

My family, NMC and our entire Community are all better for having such a caring and respected medical provider here with us.

Thank you to Dr. Aydinyan for restoring my husband’s faith in medical professionals and being an Exceptional example of what caring wholly for your patient is all about.

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