NMC’s Addiction Services practice has emerged with a new identity—Northwestern Partners in Hope in Recovery. The evolution and re-focusing of what was often referred to as “the pain clinic” is the result of a long and thoughtful process involving the hard work of many in our organization. The process was helped by the dedication of Primary Care as patients with chronic pain were transitioned to their Primary Care Providers, following best practice. This allows Partners in Hope and Recovery to focus on the important work of addiction recovery. Substance abuse and mental health are two of the top health priorities facing Franklin and Grand Isle counties. Simply put, the work of Northwestern Partners in Hope and Recovery is essential in helping to fight this epidemic and the time is right to shine a light on their progress.

The practice’s new name came directly from the input of staff and patients of the clinic. It is important that the practice offers a sense of hope to people struggling with addiction, and hope to our community that change is possible and recovery is real. With this in mind, they are currently focusing on the concept of transformation in their community outreach and communications, which is why they chose to include a butterfly in their logo.

Northwestern Partners in Hope & Recovery is now a dedicated outpatient addiction treatment facility, with a focus on partnering with patients who want to heal from a substance use disorder. With expanded services including educational groups, psychiatry, medication management, multiple care providers, nursing care coordination, mindfulness and social work, they are well equipped to provide a whole-person approach to recovery. Their goal is to create a foundation for lasting change in those who are ready to move toward a more stable and healthy life. The experienced team supports this transformation by treating everyone who walks through the door with kindness, caring, and respect.

Hope & Recovery clinic medical director, Dr. Suzan R. White, DO, holds Board Certifications in both Addiction and Psychiatry and believes rational addiction treatment is based on a consideration of mind, body, and spirit together. With that in mind, they are dedicated to being a compassion and kindness space that offers wraparound biopsychosocial treatment for opioid use disorder, alcohol use disorder, and stimulant use disorder. Hope & Recovery places an emphasis on shared decision-making for better outcomes and individualized treatment plans to meet patient needs.

Transformation is a challenging process, but the end result is truly beautiful. The work of Medical Director Dr. Suzan White, Michelle Kearney, PA and Susan Brodeur, PA has been impressive—they have created an environment where patients feel safe, engaged, challenged and productive. The Medication-Assisted Treatment team of care coordinators and service navigators are nothing short of amazing, often providing uniquely individualized help to patients that go above and beyond.

Dr. White is truly magnificent and has changed my future in a way no other doctor has had the ability to do…ever.

We thank everyone at Northwestern Partners in Hope and Recovery for tackling a tough area of health and wellness with such spirit and enthusiasm and hold much hope for the future of our communities.