These two issues have been at the top of the Community Health Needs priority list since 2016. NMC is deeply involved in helping address these priorities. We have a close partnership with Northwestern Counseling & Support Services, with their mental health clinicians embedded within our Emergency Department and Primary Care practices and available for inpatient consultations.

Our “Northwestern Partners in Hope & Recovery” practice focuses on addiction treatment under the Medical Direction of Dr. Suzan White. Their multi-faceted, empowering approach has helped many in our community on successful journeys to recovery from addiction to opiates and other substances.

We are currently seeking State approval of a Certificate of Need for the modernization of our Emergency Department to include safe rooms for the care and treatment of patients suffering from severe mental health concerns and suicidal ideations. At the same time, we are investing in primary prevention in our community to help people avoid these conditions. RiseVT is an engaging community movement to embrace healthy lifestyles, which helping people focus on positive steps toward a healthier future. This is supported by Lifestyle Medicine’s health coaching, which provides guidance and support for each individual’s journey.