NMC has a long history as an independent, not-for-profit, community hospital. Our volunteer Board of Directors is elected by the community-based Board of Incorporators. This is a traditional model for a small to medium-sized hospital, though there are industry trends toward consolidation. NMC has a long-standing management contract with Quorum Health Resources which gives us access to expertise, consultation, group purchasing, and other support which are more typical of much larger hospitals or hospitals within corporate systems. 

At the same time, NMC has a formal, mutually beneficial memorandum of understanding with the University of Vermont Health Network. This allows NMC to access specialists from Vermont’s tertiary care center, conduct joint planning sessions with UVMHN, and share our RiseVT primary prevention expertise. We also have strong partnerships with local providers and organizations who share in our vision of a healthier future for all. These arrangements have helped preserve NMC’s independence. We remain open to whatever the future may call for to ensure exceptional care continues to be available in our community.